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I Am A Convert To The Jawa Motorbike, And Am Looking For Some Input And What Ever Help Anyone Can Provide To Help Me Put My Jawa Together And Identify Which Year My Baby Was Made

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2015-12-01 maxipes It's hezej machine only envy really super health Maxipes .

2015-09-26 Uďa This bike is Jawa 250/559, probably made around 1960 - 1965. Some parts are missing, but gave would get. If you're interested, write me a private message and I'd try to get the missing parts. Just count the fact that the cost of shipping to you will be mo

2015-09-09 garyschultz looks similar to mine, although you have a lot more bits, mine is much more of a skeleton, I am interested to see how you get on finding out information.

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