Video - Alaa Wardi - 7aram (Artwork by Bader Mahasneh)

Videa Jawa Minor Alaa Wardi - 7aram (Artwork by Bader Mahasneh)

Alaa Wardi - 7aram (Artwork by Bader Mahasneh)

This is a sad song that came from deep inside me, it's what I would listen to when I'm feeling down.. Make sure your in the mood before you tune in, and I hope it reaches out to you as much it did to me :) Thanks to Mohammed Idrei (A.Guitar) and Hakam Abu-Soud (Drums) for helping me out in this track. also Fay Khudairi for playing the flute. Check out more of our music on: A special thanks to the great Jordanian artist Bader Mahasneh for allowing us to use some of his amazing artwork in making this video. Check out more of his work on His Website: Also thanks to my brother Seena Imamwerdi for putting this video together.

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