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Criken's Fun House: Episode 2

In this draw-dropping episode of Criken's Fun House, Criken discovers the true meaning of the force and how it can be used to cleave your head open in 17th century Eastern Europe. Later, mother duck Criken watches after her young in the busy streets of APB Reloaded before joining the masochistic combat team in ARMA: Cold War Assault. You may notice some nifty changes in audio with this episode. The "positional audio" feature in the Mount and Blade segments is a service provided by a program called Mumble we used to talk with each other while ingame. In contrast the audio during the APB ducks section is a bit wild because we were organizing an event (and didn't have much control over who was talking when) Shout-out to mah bros who were a part of all these fun times: -Criken (White Text) -Skippy (Red Text) -StEvE-O (Green Text) *and talented flute player* -Oats (Baby Blue Text) -Industrial (Pink Text) -McDiddles (Orange Text) -Waddy (Purple Text) -Martz (Blue Text) -DOWNS CHICKEN (Yellow Text) Games Played in order: -Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword (Captain Co-op Mode) -Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy -Saints Row 2 -APB Reloaded -ARMA: Cold War Assault -Mount and Blade: Warband (Nord Invasion Mod) -Star Wars: The Old Republic Follow me on Twitter for updates on future videos, livestreams, and other fun exclusive stuff:

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