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Videa Jawa 175 Special CZ 175/477 1974

CZ 175/477 1974

1974 CZ 175 Type 477/01 (first start after 35 years) Famous era of the new engine with a boxy square cylinder begun in 1968. This period of Czechoslovak motorcycle was replacing its predecessor CZ 175 type 450, motorcycle inherited part of the transmission, together with the clutch engaged, dynamo and complete wiring that has changed since January 1970. Charging rele has been replaced by a separate charger, located under the left box. Other parts were new. The engine had a new rectangular cylinder head and completely modernized crank mechanism; it had on both sides of gufera (bearing seals) for the sealing of the internal area of engine, Crank set cunning had no longer gear oil which contributed to the larger life of the bearings, in particular when a motorcycle was not in use for a long time. The piston was roll founded with Magnesium for for smaller expansion , which guarantee the same willingness between the cylinder and piston at high temperatures of the engine. For greater durability: piston pin was replaced by a bronze capsule. New carburetor intake silencer with a paper filter insert, which was hidden together with tools under saddle in aluminum casting. The battery was located on the right side. Fuel tank was attached to the rubber supports, due to the Elimination of unpleasant vibrations at high engine speeds. A separate mask for the front light was fitted to the two shoulders. New illuminated speedometer with two lights for recharging (green) and high beam (red ...

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