Video - Dnepr MT-10 short wintery run

Videa Jawa 650 Dnepr MT-10 short wintery run

Dnepr MT-10 short wintery run

I'm over a year late to upload this video. The clip was filmed on December 22nd 2010 and features me trying to ride my then freshly-bought Dnepr MT-10. As I later came to realize, both floats were punctured and flooded, neither needle valves had their tiny rubber gaskets fitted (fuel leaked like mad) and both carburetors had all their channels completely (yes, completely!) gunked up with whatever dirt that was. The gearbox popped out of 2nd gear as soon as I tried to put some torque into it, so I had to ride a hard 1st, a gentle or avoided altogether 2nd and a very early 3rd. 4th was out of the question on such a short "runway". By the summer of 2011 I had unbolted the gearbox from the engine and found that it was full of mud and water, with a hint of oil which smelled like gasoline. Still, the bastard started 1st kick and tried to run its best. Amazing motorcycle!

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