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Videa Jawa 700 Genteng Traditional Market - Surabaya - East Java

Genteng Traditional Market - Surabaya - East Java

Which present typical of Surabaya? Stop to Genteng market Surabaya. In this traditional market is available of typical food of Surabaya like krupuk, saline fish, flaky or krinting fish and food types from crop growing on the sea. For example: flaky lorjuk, prawn, eggplant, and tripang. All snacks or light food and the complement eat that have been be tidy is good in plastic and also box. Not only crisply smell and felt fish and just prawn being marketed in Genteng Market. Fruits taste crisply like salak, mango, banana, jackfruit and pineapple is around the special shop and kiosk that seller typical snack of Surabaya. The tradesman give amenity to the consumer with pack all order, include accompanying to place of even send to the town outside of Surabaya. The shops that market the snacks, crisply and bandeng smoke and presto generally reside in roadside through Genteng Baru street. All the shops average to give the amenity to consumer especially in order not to disturb consumer. Product that sold also have been tidy and something have ready to be dined. Some tradesmen even consider to marketing through the Internet. For the shake of consumer, everything is watered down including payment of poison bank transfer and ordering of telephonic goods. Product that sold between 400-700 types of snacks, include bandeng presto, bandeng smoke, terasi, petis and otak-otak. Almost 70 % snacks the food complement at the shop, and produced by its factory in Sidoarjo and Pasuruan. While ...

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