Video - IMS Race Night Final Edit 7.17.2010.mpg

Videa Jawa Californian IMS Race Night Final Edit 7.17.2010.mpg

IMS Race Night Final Edit 7.17.2010.mpg

This was my first attempt at a video in any length. It was not shot in HD but was enhanced in post to show in HD. The resolution is not as good as 720p but better than 520p. This video was shot at Inland Motorsport Speedway (IMS) in San Bernardino, CA. The video follows the night racing of Shawn McConnell. Shawn is the promoter at IMS and he has been my best friend for over 45 years. Shawn really liked this video and I was very happy to give it to him as my friend. I really need to shoot another video of Shawn at IMS since I now have eight GoPro HD cameras and I'm much better at editing videos now too!!, Canyon Run Videos, Kent Elliott, gopro, gopro Hero HD, gopro HD,, IMS, Inland Motorsport Speedway, Inland Motorcycle Speedway, Shawn mcconnell, Shawn Mad Dog mcconnell, racing, race, camera, Orange Show Fairgrounds,



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