Video - Jawa 350 / 632 engine rebuild (fitting the crankshaft)

Videa Jawa 350 Jawa 350 / 632 engine rebuild (fitting the crankshaft)

Jawa 350 / 632 engine rebuild (fitting the crankshaft)

LINK TO PART TWO Fitting the crankshaft assembly into crank cases on the Jawa 350 / 632 . Part one of three films Looking into the rebuild process of heating and freezing the crank and crank cases to enable the labrinth housing to be shrunk by freezing and the crank case heated so as to assemble the two together . Bearings used are KOYO JAPANESE crankshaft bearings with C3 clearence for normal running conditions And pistons will be Italian ASSO WERKE performence same as the Italian Jawa


The start of this vid was made a few months ago but due to illness the vid was finnished jan 2012 .So it would have been a while ago when i last seen dennis to give him the jawa 350/638 engine and not as the vid would suggest . Cheer's all Terry

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