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So this is my Jawa 360. I bought it very cheap from one old man... I only putted wheels on, fixed up the engine and some other details... And here it is my long dreamed ride with a Jawa 360 (I dreamed to ride 360 or 559). So the dream came true. Now I'm going to go back to my Jawa 559 restoration and some this one beautys parts are going to be rapaired, painted and putted on Jawa 559 1970. It's a pity of course, that i have to say bye to the 360 but I want to have one perfect bike and thats the 559. Why I'm restoring 559 not 360? Well because the Jawa 559 has licence and 360 doesn't have any licence (the old man said that he lost the licence somewhere...). So enjoy the video I made. :)



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