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Karel: A Short Film

This is what happens when you're in a Computer Science class with a bunch of other Computer Science people. Computer Science love. Kareltherobot ftw. The main intention of this was to play with music/sound effect choice. I tried to start with cold, heavy, mechanical sounds with the lonely robot, and eventually switched over to a mischievous motif during the pursuit of the female robot. Weird stuff happened at the end and the dual screen didn't render as planned. Basically, Michaelbot finds a bunch of Girlbots being cloned at the factory. I was disappointed at the latter portion of the video. It felt rushed and sloppy, and the lack of footage didn't help. If I had more time and footage, I would've tweaked the overall flow to include more of the robot's attempts at wooing the female counterpart. My intro was also lacking as I had no idea how I was going to introduce the programmer. Oh well. It was a fun project overall. Thanks to Cameron and Shari for helping me out with this. And Cameron, learn to focus the camera.



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