Video - KOTOR (LS) 59 - Griff's New Plan

Videa Jawa 700 KOTOR (LS) 59 - Griff's New Plan

KOTOR (LS) 59 - Griff's New Plan

Once I come out of Sand People's Territory, the guards on the Dune Sea attack us & drop more Gaffi Sticks. Time to finish remaining business on Tatooine. I transit back to the Ebon Hawk & get Mission and Bastila. At the Czerka Office, I collect Sand People's bounties - I negotiate the Chieftain's Gaffi Stick for 700 credits. I'll make sure I use the profit for a good cause. Here goes Griff again, now he's involved with the Exchange, and is desperate to get a Tach Gland which is only available on Kashyyyk. Even though it sounds like another 'stupid' plan, Mission doesn't want Griff to get killed. For the sake of Mission, I'll do my best to help him (Mission's Brother Quest). Console: X-Box

Star, Wars, Knights, of, the, Old, Republic, KOTOR, Tatooine, Griff, Sand, People, Gaffi, Sticks, Tach, Gland



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