Video - Kyai Selamet - UCSB - Beksan Menak Koncar, part 1

Videa Jawa Californian Kyai Selamet - UCSB - Beksan Menak Koncar, part 1

Kyai Selamet - UCSB - Beksan Menak Koncar, part 1

This dance is taken from the Damarwulan cycle, a semi-historical story from East Java. It tells of Damarwulan, a palace gardener of humble origins who comes to the aid of the maiden queen of the Majapahit kingdom (which later becomes one of the most powerful kingdoms in Java) by killing the seemingly invincible Menak Jingga (The Red Knight), an unwanted suitor from the neighboring kingdom of Blambangan. Menak Koncar, a trusted warrior-advisor to the Majapahit queen, is sent out to fight Menak Jingga, a battle he knows will kill him. In this dance, he reminisces about his wife and family while physically and emotionally prepares himself for his final battle. His movements are punctuated by a characteristic "limp". Performed by the UCSB Central Javanese gamelan ensemble "Kyai Selamet" (Mike Pievac, dir.). Guest director: Pak Djoko Walujo Guest dancer: Nanik Wenten Video courtesy of Karen Liu.

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