Video - MindCrap - Ep. 3 - The Ninja Jawa Attack!

Videa Jawa MindCrap - Ep. 3 - The Ninja Jawa Attack!

MindCrap - Ep. 3 - The Ninja Jawa Attack!

MindCrap - Inside the Mines of Madmen. Episode 3 - ALL GLORY TO THE PORTAL SHOW! We expand upon our village and venture off into a new land! Shawn - Ramza411(sb) Ryan - FlaryRoida This is an interactive show meaning that what we do will be guided by the suggestions you guys make. You can make multiple suggestions, but please leave one suggestion per comment. It makes it easier for people to vote on a single idea they like. Please make the suggestions do-able within reason. Right now we are trying to make it so we will release an episode every weekend in which we will complete a few goals set out at the start of the episode that were suggested from you guys, however long that takes. The episodes will be recorded on some random day during the week so the time frame to make a suggestion is around 3-5 days. The range of days is to give both myself and FlaryRoida an easier time to find a time to record each week as it will be a bit of a challenge. If you have any suggestions for mods that you think may be helpful or fun to have then let us know in the comments. Please remember that this is an Survival Multiplayer Server so a lot of regular mods won't work. We are using a Bukkitcraft server so Bukkit Plugins are fair game. We won't take any suggestion that majorly affects gameplay or makes the game "easier" for us to play. We want it to feel like it is a natural part of the world. Stalk me here! Twitter: Facebook: Ustream: I don't ...

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