Video - Pantai Bama - Situbondo - East Java

Videa Jawa 250 Special Pantai Bama - Situbondo - East Java

Pantai Bama - Situbondo - East Java

Bama beach is located in the east of Baluran National Park. You can see the original beach and the fantastic panorama in here. Beside that you can see the mangrove forest, Bama source and Mantingan source. One of special moment here is that you can see monkey with the long tail (Macaca fascicularis) that fishing crabs with their long tail. If you like to go on food, you can pass the truck and you can see the beautiful panorama of Bama Beach on the height. Just with 15000 Rupiahs per person you can spend the night in Bama Beach to enjoy the beautiful panorama at night here.

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