Video - Satan Muhammad controversy debated Jesus or Mohammed Part 3

Videa Jawa Californian Satan Muhammad controversy debated Jesus or Mohammed Part 3

Satan Muhammad controversy debated Jesus or Mohammed Part 3

Satan reportedly controlled Prophet Muhammad. Satan, the Devil, the princess of darkness, in early Islamic Muslim text, written and documented by Moslem scholars wrote that Mohamed, the prophet of Islam, was possessed by Satan. There are 37 early sources that verified that Muhammad was under the control of Satan when he bowed down and worshipped the three daughters of the early pagan moon god when he was the prophet. Muhammad even praised the pagan idols. Later on, because of the embarrassment of their prophet being possessed by Satan and controlling him, Muslims took that out, but early sources show it really happened. They are called the Satanic Verses. Muslims cant refute it because they person who said this are some of Islams most important and noted scholars, even the cousin of Muhammad said it is true and recalled the incident. Robert spencer jihad watch pat condell jihadwatch jawa prison ministries jail ministry Lord Praise prisoners prisoner guard guards behind prisons lifehouse life house cross catholic latino latinos Puerto Rican Mexican American Cuban Colombiano Dominican Jamaican arab Arabic Guatemalan Mexico Guatemala Canada French English Canadian Alberta Alaska California hip hop rapper hiphop rap urban rappers Go and debate the Quran (Koran) if you can Muslims. They await a dialog with you, so the Quran and the suras, the hadiths, can be debated. Convert, coverts converts revert reverts Jew Jewish Jews Hebrew Hebrews ...

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