Video - ZDM 2010 - Dy'las Dancers Performed Zapin Dy'las - 30052010

Videa Jawa 250 Special ZDM 2010 - Dy'las Dancers Performed Zapin Dy'las - 30052010

ZDM 2010 - Dy'las Dancers Performed Zapin Dy'las - 30052010

The team from Dy'las Dancers performed Zapin Dy'las for Zapin D' Muara Showcase at Malay Heritage Centre. This Programme is brought to you by Era Dance Theatre Ltd for Singapore Arts Festival 2010. An item which has been prepared for 1 month and plus all the intensive training that we all have had, were worth it and the dance was showcase with passion and dedication... My special thanks to the team of the original Dy'las Dancers together with Invited Dancers to dance Zapin Dy'las. This team of people is special and great. Their passion was marvellous....Without all of them; the dance won't be alive.... Maimunah, Nurlizawati, Hairani, Ely, Rohani, Rizal Along, Rizal Busu, Hafidz and also the two guests Rasidin and Khairulnizam... Thank you so much to be part of Zapin Dy'las journey....It has turns to a miracle with so many glitters in it... I am honoured to dance with you people... My Special Gratitude also to this two very important people of Dy'las Dancers. The founder, the mother and father of Dy'las Dancers. Thanks a million to Mr Welas Subagyo and Mrs Dyah Setyowati for giving us the opportunity to make Dy'las Dancers come alive back and thanks for the support all this while until the show day. Zapin Dy'las is especially for the both of you from all of us....May god bless you.... Amin.... My Special thanks also to Kampung Collection for the sponsorship of the costumes... Thanks a Lot.... Pukulan Gamelan Terjadi Irama Langkah Zapin Terjadi Ragamnya Tari Jawa Inspirasi ...

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